Thank you for visiting the Integrative Health and Wellness Jobs Board. This job board was conceived as a single location for business, students and alumni across North America to learn about opportunities related to integrative health. Over time, the universities and colleges that collectively administer this site have realized that we can better serve our unique students, alumni and business/employer partners by focusing our efforts on their needs. As such, this site is being discontinued and each school will direct their support efforts to their respective students and alumni.

    The Integrative Health and Wellness Jobs Board will not be available for use after May 1, 2019. Below is the job board information and staff contact for each of the schools, which will each continue to offer job board and/or job search resources—we look forward to hearing from you!

    Bastyr University 

    Boucher Institute of Natural Medicine
    Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
    National University of Health Sciences
    • Students, alumni, and employers, please contact Tracy McHugh, Vice President for Administrative Services,
    National University of Natural Medicine
    Southwest College Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences
    • Students, alumni, and employers should visit the following site to find and post job opportunities:
    • Contact: Joanna M. Hagan, MBA/HCM, Director of Career Services,
    University of Bridgeport