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Discover Bastyr University, The World's Leading Academic Center for Natural Health Arts and Sciences

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Considering pursuing or continuing your natural health education? Discover Bastyr University and how, as a leader in the field of natural sciences, it will play a unique role in your educational journey. Explore programs, student spotlights, and the unique and fulfilling opportunities Bastyr offers for your overall career goals.

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Who Are We? Get To Know Bastyr, A Pioneer In Natural Medicine

Many universities focus on natural health arts and sciences throughout the country and internationally. Each university provides a similar curriculum and courses, but what truly makes them unique?

At Bastyr, we believe in whole-person wellness and holistic healing, grounded in science and research. We offer a rigorous science-based education that helps students become future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences. We do so by respecting the healing power of nature and recognizing that body, mind and spirit are intrinsically inseparable.

Bastyr students leave our institution with a strong foundation built upon real-world application of natural health and wellness best practices. 

Listed are a few of the core values you can expect to experience as a student at Bastyr:

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Academic Excellence

We embody a science-based/evidence-informed approach to natural health and wellness with a focus on health promotion, research literacy, diversity of thought, assessment, utilization, and problem-solving.

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Inclusive Culture & Social Justice Action

We support an understanding of your own and other cultures, and train our students to provide culturally sensitive and inclusive care, while maintaining an attitude of curiosity, openness, and humility.

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We engage in the study of whole-person healthcare, using natural modalities in the comprehensive treat-the-cause manner which defines our program graduates’ unique value in the marketplace.

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We focus on written, oral and non-verbal communication, respectful conflict resolution, and compassion for others. We also believe in integrity and observance of appropriate professional and interpersonal boundaries.

Our goal and dream is to transform the health and wellbeing of the human community, and you can play an integral role in making this continue to become reality.

History of Bastyr

Bastyr once started as a dream itself, with $200 and visionaries sitting around a kitchen table. They were passionate about wanting to see naturopathic medicine continue to thrive in Washington, as National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) had closed its Seattle branch, and Washington state legislators were threatening to eliminate naturopathic licensing since no new graduates were applying for licensure.

This challenge was met by three naturopathic physicians and NCNM graduates, Drs. Les Griffith, William A. Mitchell, Jr. and Joseph E. Pizzorno, Jr., who saw an opportunity to create a new naturopathic school in Seattle that would not only protect licensure in Washington, but also create a resurgence for the naturopathic field by building the school on a science-based foundation. Thus, Bastyr University (formerly John Bastyr College) was born.

Since then, Bastyr has opened:

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Complementary & Integrative Health Laboratories

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Free naturopathic medical services offered in health clinics and establishments located in San Diego County and Greater Seattle
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State-of-the-Art, Whole-Foods Teaching Kitchen

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Botanical Medicine Labs located at both campuses

In the past 45 years, Bastyr has created a unique and exciting atmosphere that students can call home. And as an integral part of Bastyr, you can help our legacy continue to grow and thrive.


Bastyr University campuses, on which we study, work, and live today, are the original and contemporary homes of many Indigenous peoples, including the Coast Salish people and the Kumeyaay (KOOM-e-yi) people whose spiritual connection to these lands, forms the foundations of their ways of being. View Bastyr University's land acknowledgement statement to learn more about our stance on justice and reconciliation.

Bastyr’s Culture is
Unlike Any Other

There is no better feeling than belonging, and at Bastyr, we truly believe you will share a sense of belonging like no other. There is something special about surrounding yourself with like-minded people in an incomparable community with a common goal: transforming the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Bastyr strives and is committed to creating community – a community built of diverse, inclusive, equitable and engaging students and faculty that value social justice, cultivate a culture of belonging and advances health and education through institutional structures, policies, practices, programs, services and partnerships.

As an institution committed to educating future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences that integrate mind, body, spirit and nature, Bastyr University humbly believes that it is our responsibility to remind current and future generations of the respect we owe to the Indigenous peoples who have been dispossessed of their land and displaced from their ancestral and spiritual homes through colonization.

Our Campuses

Bastyr offers two beautiful campuses, and based on your location and program of interest, one may be better suited for you.

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Seattle, Washington Campus

Our Seattle, Washington campus is uniquely suited for the study of natural health sciences. It's also the only Bastyr campus that offers undergraduate completion degrees.

Nestled among fields and woodlands on the northeast shore of Lake Washington, the 186,000-square-foot campus complex is located 10 miles northeast of Seattle in Kenmore, Washington. It is also the home to our medicinal plant garden. 

Don’t just take our word for it, take a virtual tour to see how beautiful this campus is for yourself!

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San Diego, California Campus

If you enjoy the beach, sunny weather, and being part of a thriving natural health-minded city, you may find your home at the Bastyr University San Diego, California campus.

This campus offers many of the same state-of-the-art facilities and clinical experiences as our Seattle location. The campus is just minutes from Torrey Pines State Park and sits adjacent to Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve.

San Diego is a city rich in natural health and wellness. If you’re dreaming of being minutes from the beach, we invite you to take a virtual tour of campus.

We also offer 100% online degree programs for the working adult. This allows students the flexibility to work on their time from the comfort of their own space without relocation.

Bastyr by the Numbers


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Undergraduate students


What Makes Bastyr Different From Other Schools of Natural Health Arts And Sciences?

At Bastyr, we don’t just set you up to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree and go on to earn a job. We teach the interdisciplinary fundamentals of holistic, whole-person wellbeing, so that you can apply the knowledge, compassion and skills needed in your field to create a fulfilling and lifelong career.

Your education at Bastyr is an enriching experience that will help you stand out as a leader in natural health and wellness. Learn how Bastyr’s environment can help YOU flourish.

Flip the card to find out what each unique aspect of Bastyr means to you as a student:

Bastyr University is the world’s leading academic center for natural health arts and sciences.



When you attend school at Bastyr, you're learning from true industry professionals. 

Bastyr offers more than 20 programs across 4 levels of study.



As a potential student in natural health arts and sciences, we offer something for everyone!

Bastyr has two different campuses located in San Diego and Seattle, and 100% fully-online degrees offered.



There is a best-suited location option for all. 

Bastyr combines an integrative curriculum with clinical training and research to educate future leaders.



As a student at Bastyr, you will not only receive a unique approach to all courses focused on holistic and whole-person wellbeing, but you'll also get to work hands-on with real people and conduct your own research. 

Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle & Bastyr University Clinic in SD are both natural health clinics designed to serve the public.



Current students are able to receive hands-on, clinical training with licensed professionals.

Bastyr offers unique student organizations where nature and science converge across both campuses.



From applied kinesiology club and  botanical medicine clubs to the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) and Student Nutrition Association (SNA), there are options for everyone

Bastyr is committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and engaged academic community that values social justice, cultivates a culture of belonging, and advances health and education equity.



As a student, you will be provided a rich and robust experience that supports your holistic growth and facilitates your continued success from the beginning to the end of your time at Bastyr. 

All of Bastyr’s professional degree programs are accredited by their respective accrediting bodies.



As a student, you can be sure that Bastyr maintains the required level of educational standards.

Bastyr conducts its own research. This is immensely critical to the advancement of the fields of complementary and integrative health.



Not only will you attend a school that conducts research, but you can learn from Bastyr's research initiatives happening on and off campus. 

Bastyr displays leadership in innovative ways through our community initiatives, advocating for natural health and wellness.



Allows the opportunity to create meaningful engagement with others, individuals and organizations, complete advocacy work and give back to local communities. 
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Student Spotlight: What Our Students and Alumni Have to Say About Bastyr And Our Holistic Degree Programs



"My nutrition degree from Bastyr University gave me the perfect blend of nutrition sciences and art, with the necessary backbone of wellness."

Noelle Parton, MS, CN

Holistic Landscape Design

"Entering the CHLD program was a pivotal choice for me and changed the whole trajectory of my life. I gained so much confidence!"

Julianna Bertucci, CHLD Student

Naturopathic Medicine

"I selected Bastyr not only because they are on par with conventional medical schools in terms of their core science curriculum, but also because they prepare you well to step into an uncharted territory of medicine that is advancing and emerging rapidly!

Valerie Powers, ND, Class of 2023

Herbal Science

“I chose Bastyr because I aspire to optimize vitality. And Bastyr has taught me that life is abundant, vibrant and full of opportunity and passion. I aspire to live each day under that philosophy.”

Ellen Edgerton, Herbal Science Student


"Being in this nurturing environment has challenged me mentally, excited me and opened my eyes to a different view of the world and medicine. "

Anita Johnson, Undergrad Nutrition Alumna and Current Midwifery Student


"I can’t imagine any other program that would have gotten me closer to what I was looking for." 
Eliza Carlson, BS Health Psychology, MS Nutrition & Counseling Health Psychology

Talking to a current student is one of the best ways to learn more about Bastyr. To learn more about how to prep for your Bastyr journey, student life & traditions, and everything in between, we encourage you to schedule a 30-minute phone appointment with a Bastyr student.

Speak with a Current Student


Become a Leader in One of the Natural Science Fields

Although Bastyr University started out as a school of natural medicine, we now proudly offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate wellness degrees and certificate programs. All of our areas of study are focused and taught with a science-based, holistic and wellbeing lens. Discover them below and explore which interests you most.

Exercise Science
Herbal Science
Holistic Landscape Design
Maternal-Child Health Systems
Naturopathic Medicine


Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine offers people the natural solutions they seek. As the demand grows, patients are looking for alternative options to assist with pain management and other issues.


Exercise Science

What makes Bastyr unique?

The majority of the clinical acupuncture training needed in our different acupuncture degrees will take place at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, the largest natural health clinic in the Pacific Northwest.

Exercise Science 

Integrate your passion for whole foods nutrition and exercise science and become a health and fitness professional with competencies to help people improve their fitness and live healthier lifestyles. 


Herbal Science

What makes Bastyr unique?

The unique Bastyr curriculum qualifies graduates to apply for certification by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, which increases the success of graduates seeking employment with a bachelor's degree.

Herbal Science

Now more than ever, people are looking for herbal remedies and natural products. Modern medicine is informed by nature, and the evidence is growing all around us. 


Holistic Landscape Design

What makes Bastyr unique?

Bridge the gap between traditional herbal wisdom and evidence-informed science in the BS in Herbal Sciences Program located in Seattle, WA. You’ll leave Bastyr with both scientific knowledge and a multifaceted, personal understanding of plants. 

Plus, you’ll get to use our state-of-the-art herb garden and teaching greenhouse!

Holistic Landscape Design

As a student in Bastyr’s Holistic Landscape Design Certificate program, you’ll experience a green education and learn to create landscapes that work with nature, not against it. 



What makes Bastyr unique:

As a student in Bastyr’s Holistic Landscape Design Certificate program, located in Seattle, WA, you’ll experience a green education and launch a career creating self-sustaining, efficient landscape systems for community settings or private residences.


More than just a career, midwifery is a calling. And at Bastyr, you will train in all aspects of midwifery care, from preconception through pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period for parents and newborns.


Maternal Child Health Systems

What makes Bastyr unique:

Learn from world-class faculty in the classroom and at clinical preceptor sites through evidence-based care. Gain a deep understanding of the midwifery profession as a whole, including health policy, ethics and laws, inequities in healthcare, and how to build a midwifery practice. 

Maternal-Child Health Systems

If you are passionate about eliminating health inequities and transforming perinatal care, this program may be right for you. 


Naturopathic Medicine

What makes Bastyr unique?

This program is primarily online, meaning you’ll be able to continue living and working in your home community, while spending two weekends on campus. Unlock your advocacy, research and leadership skills and start creating change at the systems level.

Naturopathic Medicine

Feeling called to heal others through natural medicine? Naturopathic doctors support an individual’s healing journey through the use of natural therapies, as well as conventional medicine therapies. 



What makes Bastyr unique?

During your journey towards becoming a naturopathic doctor, you will learn basic science and conduct hands-on clinical practice. You'll also gain access to both our Bastyr clinics in your first year, where you’ll immediately begin to merge your knowledge with real-life patients.


Bastyr offers a variety of holistic nutrition degrees built to fit your needs so you can create the career of your dreams.



What makes Bastyr unique?

Our unique whole-person approach to our nutrition degrees ensures you’ll have the tools needed to meet the nutritional needs and challenges of individuals and make a difference in your community and beyond.


The need for qualified mental health counselors is on the rise, and an education in psychology is a powerful step to take in your journey towards helping others.

What makes Bastyr unique?

Bastyr’s whole-person, holistic approach to psychology education will empower you and allow you to lead others to wellness and create a more fulfilling path for those who seek help. 

General Requirements and Financial Aid

After selecting your program of choice, application is a breeze! Here are the steps we recommend following:

  1. Talk to an Admissions Advisor
  2. Review Application Requirements and Deadlines
  3. Submit Your Application Online
  4. Explore and Apply for Financial Aid
  5. Follow Your Onboarding Checklist - After admission into a program, your advisor will send you a list of next steps. Typical next steps include:
    • Paying your program deposit (up to $300)
    • Completing your remaining prerequisites
    • Setting up your Bastyr student accounts
  6. Decide on Housing

A degree from Bastyr isn’t just providing the education you need to get a job, it provides the skills to become a change agent in your desired field. Start your pathway to purpose at Bastyr today and begin your journey with us.

Discover the Healing Power of Nature and Uncover Your Purpose at Bastyr

So, you’re planning on earning a degree, but what makes that degree unique? There is something truly powerful about receiving an education while surrounded by like-minded people who want to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

A nutrition degree from Bastyr will assist you in becoming a registered nutritionist, but more importantly, a nutrition degree from Bastyr will empower you to partner with clients to bring about a change in behaviors that will lead a more vibrant life.

A psychology degree from Bastyr will certainly teach you the techniques of listening deeply to others, but unlike other programs, you will also learn whole-person approaches to care so that clients have enhanced, long term improvements.

A medical degree from Bastyr gives you the opportunity to become a licensed naturopathic physician, and unlike your counterparts in standard medicine, you will be providing medical care from a research-based, natural approach that gets to the root cause of disease and brings outstanding results to your patients.

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