Explore: Health Disparities in Reproductive Care


What is the State of Care for Birthing People in the United States? 

Despite America’s many medical advancements and relative wealth, the United States has one of the worst-ranking maternal health rates in the developed world. 

Pre and postnatal care for babies and parents alike is lacking across the board. Maternal mortality is rising, with 1,205 women dying of maternal causes in 2021, as opposed to 861 in 2020 and 754 in 2019. About 84% of pregnancy-related deaths are thought to be preventable, yet the numbers continue to rise. 

Lactation rates are also lower than healthcare professionals recommend, with the lack of access to public services and family support in the workplace compounding the use of human milk substitutes. 

Lactation rates are not the fault of birthing people and their families; this is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed. 

When leaving the hospital, almost no postpartum care is provided, leading parents to feel alone and sometimes unsure of their next steps in caring for their babies. There are also vast differences in the health outcomes for birthing people in different regions and states across the United States. 

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